Energy Services

We strive to provide a superior level of service to our clients through the timely delivery of professional service that exceeds expectations.

Our energy efforts focus on two industries: Oil & Gas and Mining. Our company works to help meet the energy demands of our country. Oil & Gas and Mining are vital components in obtaining energy independence and powering our nation in the 21st century.  We are at the forefront of design and permitting for the shale explorations in the region. Our company is comprised of civil engineers, surveyors, landscape architects, biologists, and construction technicians who serve an array of clients in the Oil & Gas and Mining industries. Our core services and expertise within the company are a perfect fit for these fields. D&H has provided services to oil and gas companies since the very beginning of the shale exploration/production in the region. With extensive knowledge of state and federal oil and gas regulations, we have successfully completed over 1,000 well pad designs, over 200 impoundment designs, and the design of over 200 miles of pipeline routes to date.

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Experience is the key to consistent, high quality performance. At D&H, our well-qualified engineers apply extensive industry knowledge and experiences to every design project. Our team of mining professionals have a diverse background that is fundamental for effective project management. This enables our team to deliver practical solutions when developing underground and surface mine plans, preparing permit applications, conducting site assessments, designing reclamation plans, and developing post mining use plans. Meeting each project’s specialized needs is a hallmark of D&H’s approach to site design and permitting.

Oil & Gas Design & Permitting

As the oil and natural gas industry continues to evolve, having a good plan is critical to success. We specialize in the planning, designing, permitting, and surveying for the oil and natural gas industry. D&H started its operations in August of 2005. In 2007, we assisted clients with permitting and designing for Marcellus Shale exploration activities in Pennsylvania and West Virginia. In 2009, we assisted clients with the development of the Utica and other shale formations in eastern Ohio and northwestern Pennsylvania.

Our team’s key strengths

  • Extensive pad impoundment and pipeline design plus permitting experience
  • Detailed knowledge of oil and gas operations and regulations
  • Experienced in completing topographic, property, and construction surveying
  • Knowledge of local mines and coordination requirements for drilling operations
  • Team philosophy: work efficiently, accurately, and economically
  • Member of ISNetworld and continually maintain top grade with clients
  • Local firm with local knowledge
  • Access and accountability of the D&H owners

D&H has office locations in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, and North Carolina. We have been a leader in providing design, permitting, and surveying services to operators in shale gas plays since their beginnings.

D&H is a leader of Marcellus Shale explorations in the region; most notably in West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. We understand what the regulatory agencies require and what clients need. D&H is bridging the gap between public and private entities, which proves to be critical to the success of our clients.

Exploration and Pipeline Operations

We perform civil engineering, environmental, surveying, and construction services for our clients. With extensive knowledge of the oil and gas regulations of the WVDEP (West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection), the PADEP (Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection), and the ODNR (Ohio Department of Natural Resources), we’ve successfully completed over 800 multi-well pad sites, 1,000 well pad designs and permit applications, 200 impoundment facility designs, and over 200 miles of pipeline for a number of operators.

Preliminary Field Development Evaluations

D&H provides specialty preliminary field development services in the early stages of planning and uniting its lease holdings. Provided with an area of interest, D&H can assist the operator in the first steps of development.

Several ways D&H can identify needs in the early stages of field evaluation are:

  • With a known area of interest, D&H identifies all viable development locations.
  • If units are known, D&H will tailor these preliminary locations to suit the units and minimize drilling costs.
  • D&H evaluates and ranks the preliminary locations based on the following criteria:
    • Terrain and topography
    • Lease road length/grade and visibility
    • Known environmental resources
    • Access to the site along public roads
    • Proximity to existing structure
  • Once the above information is gathered, D&H produces a simple grading schematic to be used to evaluate earthwork and site specific layout.
  • The operator is then provided with a formal report on each location to aid preliminary planning.

Civil Engineering Services (Site Design, Water Resources, and Permitting)

We work with operators in the exploration and development of shale gas. We understand the regulatory requirements and have assisted numerous clients in achieving and maintaining compliance. We assist our clients with preliminary evaluations and producing construction and permitting documents that are vital to oil and gas development.

D&H is experienced in the following civil engineering practice areas:

  • Construction documents including: access roads, well pads, pipeline routes, compressor station pads, and impoundment facilities
  • Erosion and sediment control plans
  • Evaluating and designing well sites, impoundments, and tank pads
  • Completing water and gas pipeline routing evaluations
  • Preparing site grading plans, post construction stormwater management plans and site restoration plans.
  • Completing Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR), West Virginia Division of Natural Resources (WVDNR) and Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (PDCNR) applications and submittals for well and construction permits in each state
  • Developing Water Management Plans and obtaining required approvals
  • Conducting floodplain analyses and obtaining required approvals
  • Preparing site specific PPC and SPCC plans and documents
  • Completing roadway evaluations, developing roadway management plans, and preparing roadway repair designs

Environmental Services

The synergy of engineering and environmental professionals at D&H provides our clients with expedient and economic solutions to their environmental issues.  Our natural resource professionals work with both industry professionals and regulating agencies to ensure compliance with federal, state, and local regulations. Our experienced staff is available to provide superior and timely work.

Oil and Gas Environmental Services

  • Pipeline Routing & Well Pad Siting Services
  • Pre-drilling Water Well Surveys
  • Soil Test Pit Evaluations
  • Infiltration Testing
  • Erosion and Sedimentation Control Permits (ESCP-2)
  • Wetland and Stream Delineation Studies
  • Wetland and Stream Functional Assessments
  • Wetland and Stream Permitting Services
  • Wetland and Stream Mitigation Design and Monitoring
  • Biological Water Quality Assessment
  • Benthic Macroinvertebrate Surveys
  • Botanical Surveys
  • Forest Stand Delineation and Management Plans
  • Rare, Threatened, and Endangered Species Evaluation and Surveys

Surveying Services

D&H provides a full range of surveying and mapping services in the support of the oil and gas industries. Quality and accuracy are critical to every land survey project D&H undertakes, regardless of its size or complexity. We employ innovative technologies, equipment, and methods to provide quality cost-effective professional services. With our experienced and professional staff and teaming arrangements with local professionals, we combine both the technical expertise and the practical experience necessary to ensure successful projects. By integrating these key elements, we are able to provide cost-effective and timely survey services of the highest quality.

D&H offers a complete line of survey services, including:

  • Topographic Mapping
  • Terrain Modeling
  • Boundary Surveying
  • GIS
  • Well Platting
  • Volumetrics
  • Construction Stakeout
  • As-built Surveying

Oil and Gas Surveys

We employ the most advanced technology and equipment to provide quality, cost-effective, professional services to our clients. With the continued growth in the oil and natural gas industry, the demand for oil and natural gas surveys has increased. We have conducted multiple surveys for the oil and natural gas industry in the shale gas plays in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

Gas Pipeline Surveys

As a company, we have grown to “fit” our clients’ demands. Our survey department has become an integral aspect of service to our clients. We have conducted multiple gas pipeline surveys in the Marcellus and Utica Shale gas regions. Regardless of the size or complexity, quality and accuracy are critical to every oil and gas project that we undertake. With an experienced and professional staff, we combine both the technical expertise and practical experience necessary to ensure successful outcomes for our clients.

Pipeline Stakeout and As-builts

D&H performs pipeline services from preliminary routing and final alignment stakeout while controlling placement both horizontally and vertically. We also work on as-built locations for constructed pipelines which include physical pipe location, joint weld locations, sags and rises in the line, along with any additional pertinent information regarding the project. Final data are placed in a database and provided to the client in their preferred format whether digital, hard copy drawing, or GIS format.

Well Pad Stakeout and As-builts

D&H provides complete well pad, impoundment, and access road stakeout for construction. Starting with a field run, topographic survey, and the final information provided to the design staff, the survey team follows up with stakeout services and assists the client with disturbance, centerline of access roads, well pad corners, grade stakes, and slope and staking of cut and fill areas along with any additional service the client requests. After construction has been completed, D&H performs as-built survey of all constructed locations such as slopes, pads, well heads, and fencing.

Construction Management

D&H offers inspection services to support a wide variety of oil and gas construction projects. Our technicians are qualified and certified in a variety of disciplines and will meet the specific needs of the client in an efficient and competent manner.

Construction Management Services include:

  • Materials testing and analysis (concrete, asphalt, fill placement)
  • Independent construction inspection
  • Contractor submittal and shop drawing constructability review
  • Documentation and process verification
  • Bidding assistance and analysis
  • Cost Estimating and cost control monitoring
  • Design review
  • Value Engineering
  • Project partnering
  • Quality assurance monitoring